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A teacher, creating day by day. I'm Briana N. Ellis, a teacher, business owner and author. 

I'm a Georgia native and a proud HBCU grad who spends far too much time listening to Disney music and coming up with new ideas. Whether it's for myself, my business or students, I try to live everyday with a purpose and mission. I'm really glad you clicked this link, let me show you around. 


Teaching is fun……… I am super happy I choose this profession because it gives the opportunity to have a positive impact on young people on a daily basis. I teach kindergarten which is exciting, every day presents an opportunity to make a difference. You never know when something you do or say will make an impact.

Children Literature.

I wrote my first book in my college dorm room. I knew I wanted to do more in education but I didn't know what. I really do enjoy Storytime with kids, so I thought my own book. Children's literature is important because it provides students with opportunities to respond to literature. It helps students develop emotional intelligence and creativity. 

Small Online Business. 

I started this small online business to fund my class. I enjoy the hustle behind it, having to schedule drops, and plan out content, it gives me a creativity outline besides teaching daily. 


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